Case Conceptualization in Dialectical Behavior Therapy: The Lenses of DBT

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    Dialectical Behavior Therapy is an empirically validated treatment for individuals suffering from Pervasive Emotion Dysregulation Disorders and who tend to be multi-problem, diagnostically complicated, and engage in significantly destructive behaviors in order to regulate their emotions.�� This workshop will focus on Case-Conceptualization in Dialectical Behavior Therapy.�� Case-Conceptualization is the backbone and foundation of any treatment model, and in order to effectively apply DBT approaches and strategies, one must be able to develop and refine their skills in case-conceptualization.���� The workshop will cover the 5 lenses of DBT: The Stage Theory of Treatment, Biosocial Theory of Pervasive Emotion Dysregulation, Behaviorism, Dialectical Dilemmas, and Dialectics.�� At the end of this workshop, participants will have a foundational knowledge of how to utilize case-conceptualization in DBT, and further enhance their ability to apply DBT in a functional way.